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Fees: $ 70 per month

2 sessions per week - must be a competitive member and be able to swim 50fr in under 1 min. Swimmers choose 2 days a week to attend.

Monday-4 - 5
Tuesday- -
Wednesday-4 - 5
Thursday-4 - 5
Friday-4 - 5

Fees: $90 per month

4 sessions per week must be competitive member must attend targeted events and swim 200fr in under 4 mins.

Monday-4 - 5
Tuesday- -
Wednesday-4 - 5
Thursday-4 - 5
Friday-4 - 5

Fees: $105 per month

Must be competitive member must attend targeted events.

Monday5.45 to 7.305 - 6.30
Tuesday-6 - 8
Wednesday5.45 to 7.305 - 6.30
Thursday-5 - 6.30
Friday-5 - 6.30

Fees: $150 per month

Must attend target events.
Punctuality, high training effort and high level of attendance expected.

Monday5.45 to 7.305 - 7.00
Tuesday-6 - 8
Wednesday5.45 to 7.305 - 7.00
Thursday-5 - 7.00
Friday5.45 to 7.305 - 7.00

Other Programmes

At the present time we have  spaces available. To know more  contact admin@raptors.nz

Tuesday Club Night is run by experienced coaches all who are ASTA qualified and who have completed pool life saving and first aid courses and most have swam competitively for several years.

Tuesday night offers swimming development and beginning to swim techniques while promoting the correct strokes and skills used by competitive swimmers and racing in teams. Children may start from age five.

It runs every Tuesday night from 5pm to 6pm during term time. Sessions in programmes pool are half an hour, while the big pool is a full hour. Children can begin their first swimming steps with Tuesday Club swimming; we welcome children who are complete beginners. Those ready for the big pool on Tuesday club nights work on fitness, technique and swimming skills during term time.

Children progress from the programme's pool up into the big pool gaining competitive swimming skills along the way. Our focus is swimming in a fun club environment. As we are a club we do need parent help from time to time. We hold regular fun race nights and love when our Tuesday night swimmers enter. Many children from the Tuesday Club go on to our squad swimming programme.

The best thing about Tuesday Club Night is the club atmosphere: swimmers start swimming and learning together, have fun, work on skills and make friendships along the way up to the big pool.

Registrations are from 1 July every year, but enquiries at any other time are welcomed and we would love to have your child swim with us. Many families choose the Tuesday night programme so all the children in the family can swim at the same time. >

No refunds are offered for unexpected pool closures.

Payment can be Internet banked to: 03-0732-0237257-00.
Add your child’s name as the reference.


Tuesdays Term Time 5-6pm

Learning to compete: New swimmers
Programmes Pool
5pm - 5:30pm or 5:30pm - 6pm
$100 per term
Learning to compete: Skills and racing
25m Main Pool
5pm - 6pm
$120 per term