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Historically club records for RSC were never kept. The club records from past results were researched in 2012 and now start from 2000 with a few as far back as 1993. For convenience the most current record is show below for short and long course, with the archived records for this year and older in the drop downs.

Scroll to the bottom for the criteria.

RSC Short Course Records 18_09_20 Sheet1
Raumati Long Course Records updated 7_3_20


Short Course

Long Course

To get a record you must be a paid up member of the RSC.

Records are manually checked after every meet. Records highlighted red were broken at the last meet or during same month and records broken that year are in yellow. Any old records found and then added will be in blue.If you break a club record and it has not been recorded let the RSC race secretary know by email.

While times are official from swims using split times from electronic timing (may be used to enter other events with); we do not allow RSC records from times taken from splits.

Records are allowed from official meets not using electronic timing.

Any swimmers who break a club record from 1 October 2015 will be awarded a ribbon. Red ribbons for age group records and gold ribbons for open records.