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Club Champions - update10-05-2020
All our champions up to 13 and under added - we are just waiting on a couple more photos, before adding the rest.

Club Champions07-05-2020
Check out our Club Champions - we will highlighting the class winners on the home page and showing the whole list at Club Champions. There may be a few gaps, as we are still waiting for some photos.

COVID Updates07-05-2020
New COVID-19 announcements posted

Updated Website20-03-2020
Thanks for accessing the new version of the Raptors site. Hopefully this is an improvement on the previous one - improvements are general navigation, look and feel and responsiveness. Please note though that this site uses features that are not available under Internet Explorer - please use a modern browser (Firefox, Chrome, MS Edge, Safari) to view this site.

Please feel free to provide feedback on this update - look for the feedback form under the management sub-menu.