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Registration runs for one year, Jul 1st - Jun 30th and consists of a one-off annual fee for the Raptors, plus annual fees for membership of Swim Wellington and Swim NZ.
The fees for year July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022 are:

Competitive SwimmerClub SwimmerRecreational Swimmer
SNZ $66.50 $60.00 -
SW $50.00 $15.00 -
Raumati Swimming Club $74.50 $74.50 $74.50
Total $191.00 $149.50 $74.50

New Members need to fill in the application for membership to register for any swimming programme.
Registration Form

Squad Fees

To keep the payment process simple all fee structures are based on an annual amount divided into monthly payments - there is no discount over holiday breaks.

Parents as supporters

Why should my child be a swimmer?

Swimming promotes physical fitness and teaches children to strive for physical achievement.
Swimming is an exciting individual as well as team sport.
Swimming is a specialised activity involving extensive skill development.
Many top athletes started off as swimmers before moving in to other sports.
Swimming is a lifetime sport. You can swim from very young to very old.
Swimming teaches sportsmanship including dealing with winning and losing, working with teammates officials and coaches.
Swimming is fantastic for motivating children to strive for self improvement and goal setting.
Swimming related injuries are low.
Swimming can prevent drowning.
Swimming is a family activity

Parents are expected to help out with the operation of the club; this can range from providing basic support during meets (home and away) through to specific club roles or technical officials. Raptors is a small club and relies on this help.

For more infomation on the club roles, please refer to the BOARD page and feel free to talk to any of the people there.

See below for the directly swimming related roles:

Official Roles (require training and qualification)
  • Inspector of Turns (IoT)
  • Judge of Stroke (JoS)
  • Starter
  • Referee

Follow for more details

Non-qualified Roles
  • Team Manager
  • Timekeeper
  • Chief timekeeper
  • Marshall
  • Tea/kitchen (mostly @ WRAC)
  • Door
  • Results/Runner
  • Medals (mostly @ WRAC)

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The club uniform is based on the Raptors brand, coupled with the club colours (red, white and blue).

Key items of uniform are swim caps, t-shirts and hoodies - examples, prices and how to order can be found here.

The board along with a working party of senior swimmers are currently reviewing the policy and styles related to uniform so keep checking back.

All things competing...
What event, how to enter, etc - use this FAQs list